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Hair Reducing Oil, Wax & Skincare

My Favorite Waxes:

Umber By J. Lenay Website:

Hair Reducing Fade Oil:

Fade Oil On Amazon:

Ingrown/Acne Moisturizer:

Hormone Balance Face Mask:

Facial Sugar Scrub:

Turmeric Exfoliate:

Turmeric Bar Soap:

Bio Oil:


Umber By J. Lenay is an all natural organic brand.

from their site:

"Our products represent individuals who may struggle with conditions such as Hirsutism, PCOS, and Hormonal imbalances that promote excessive unwanted hair growth. We focus on reducing the growth of hormonal hair naturally. Consistent use of Umber products has been shown to thin out hair, and eventually, stop the growth completely. In addition, Umber products improve the appearance and health of the skin that has been damaged due to ingrown hair, hormonal acne, and scaring (from physical hair removal techniques). This transformation will take time (seeing results within 2 weeks - 2 months depending on dedication), but we ensure that our products have a long-lasting shelf life. Our blended combinations were formulated specifically to adapt and tackle the necessary obstacles accurately.​"


Other products listed are items I've tried and have worked to remove hair, repair skin and more!


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